Problem Case Description:

PT. Smelting Indonesia had a corrosion problem in its jetty piles due to weak corrosion control system. A combined rubber and grease-mat was used to protect metal jetty from corrosion and unfortunately, the system was not performed. Corrosion is still occurring in the jetty piles as seawater could get inside the gap between the metal surface and rubber mat.

Apart from that, the rubber mat was attached mechanically using a stainless steel clamp that attracts the thief to take the components. In the case of clamps is being taken, then rubber mat was practically not attached at all to the piles. The rubber will later loosen and gone which causes jetty piles not protected at all.

The action need to be taken to replace the existing rubber mat with new material that can fully adhere to metal surface. One of the concerns is the material must be able to protect the piles underwater.

Proposed Solution:

PT. Mahita Karya Persada Teknik (MKPT) Composite Division proposed to replace rubber mat material using a combination of fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) and special epoxy. The combination is called a composite system. The system was divided into two-part, above the seawater surface and below the seawater surface. Both of system is well designed to fully adhered into pile surface, even it applied inside the water.

The process is started by removing all the rubber mats together with all the grease inside. Mechanical cleaning was taken for some severely corroded area, and rust remover was applied later. After all surface cleaned, then special epoxy applied to the FRP and to the pile surface. Then, attached FRP on the piles and it will have fully adhered to the surface. The finishing part can be taken with an anti-UV application on the top of the composite system.

Applying this system, it will not just safe in terms of protecting piles surface from splash water, but also preventing the thief from doing bad things to the assets.


After composite application, the jetty pile surface is completely protected from corrosion and any other thread. The composite material is having good integrity to the piles to protect splash water, sea animal, and any threat from outside. PT. Smelting Indonesia can save their asset with a longer lifetime.