Problem Case Description:

PT. Smelting Indonesia had a corrosion problem in its jetty wharf structures due to old painting and corrosion control systems. Three coat painting system was used as surface protection material to keep the metal structures from getting corroded. Unfortunately, the protection system cannot withstand intensive seawater splashes in the area. Because of the old painting and continuous contact with seawater splash/ vapor, the corrosion cannot be prevented. Immediate action has to be taken to keep PT. Smelting wharf structure lifetime.

Proposed Solution:

PT. Mahita Karya Persada Teknik (MKPT) Composite Division proposed to do corrosion control on wharf structure using Rust Grip-E. The material is built specialized as corrosion control material that familiar to the wet area. This material will give a benefit to stop the corrosion and protecting the metal from seawater splash and vapor.

The process is started by cleaning all existing surfaces by mechanical and hand tools cleaning, especially for some severely corroded areas. No sandblasting is required, so it safe more time. After all, surface cleaned from loose pieces, then ChlorRid is applied by spray to clean up salt contaminant on the metal. After ChlorRid’s reaction inside metal pores, rinsing with water is taken prior to the Rust Grip-E application. The first Rust Grip-E application is applied using a brush to help the material penetrate into the pores of the metal. As finishing step, build up Rus Grip-E taken by using roller nap.

Applying this system, it will not just safe in terms of protecting piles surface from splash water, but also preventing the thief from doing bad things to the assets.


After composite application, the wharf structure surface is completely protected from corrosion and seawater splash. The material is having good integrity to metal structure and help PT. Smelting Indonesia to save their asset with a longer lifetime.