Problem Case Description:

Petrokimia Gresik has corrosion problems at its piping system cooling tower area. These pipes are continuously splashed with water during cooling tower operations. Due to this wet condition, corrosion occurred on the surface of the pipes. The conventional coating was used as a protective coating but unfortunately has to be repainted every year as it wasn’t complying with the environmental condition.

Proposed Solution:

Considering the environmental condition with continuous water splash from a cooling tower, PT. Mahita Karya Persada Teknik (MKPT) Composite Division proposed to use composite material in order to protect the pipe surface. The proposed solution consists of a combination of e-glass based fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) and special epoxy. At the area with high intensity of water splashed, we proposed to use specialized epoxy called Tyfo-SW, the same materials to be used underwater. While at the low intensity of water splashed, we proposed to use Typo S.

In the purpose of protection, FRP is designed with two layers so it will give full protection for pipe surface as well as giving additional strength to the area that already defects due to previous corrosion occurrence.


After composite application, the pipe surface is fully protected from splash water. The system has good integrity and fully adhered to the surface with no gap for air or water trap, so there is no chance for the surface to be corroded anymore.

FRP Trial Petrokimia Mahita Karya