Markets: Telecom & Infrastructure
Country: Turkey
Courtesy of: Superior Products Turkey

Project Description

There was a need to improve the working of the cellular network shelters by cooling their interior as the equipment inside, including the AC’s, was overheating due to the impact of solar radiation.

Coating Solution

SUPER THERM was to be applied in a test case and subject to test results it would be rolled out on all shelters requiring temperature reduction.


The independent test & certification office, TUV, performed the test for Vodafone and came up with the following results:

  • During the trial period, the weather in Adana was partially cloudy and therefore the shelters were not continuously subjected to direct sunshine.
  • During the 3 days trial, the SUPER THERM coated shelter consumed an average of 52% less power comparing with the standard shelter
  • During the trial, the air conditioners’ ON and OFF times were also measured. The results showed that SUPER THERM coated shelter’s air conditioner stayed in ‘OFF’ mode for a period of 21% – up to 38% longer than the Standard shelter’s air conditioner.
  • The weather temperatures were between 21°C and 24°C. Depending on the clouds, the SUPER THERM coated shelter’s outside surface showed a 6°C – 8°C lower temperature than the standard shelter. (Normally the difference may be even higher, knowing that the temperature in Adana in summer season has an average of 45°C.)

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