HPC COATING Maintain Optimum Temperatures and Insulation Performance


For industries that depend on optimum heating systems, HPC® Coating presents an innovative and efficient solution. HPC® Coating is formulated to prevent the loss of conductive and convective heat from pipe and vessel surfaces.

This capability maintains the overall heat of any fluid or gas within a pipe or vessel and allows the process to operate more efficiently. HPC® Coating will hold heat in a “transmission pipe” for longer distances than traditional insulation systems and will effectively maintain interior temperatures and reduce emissions for a hotter burn. HPC® Coating can be applied to a variety of surfaces with interior temperatures up to 900˚F (482˚C), such as steam pipes, hot gas pipes, hot storage tanks and oil or gas transmission pipes. HPC® Coating replaces fibrous wraps and blankets and stops CUI from ever developing.

In today’s age of increasing energy efficiencies, industries need innovative, high-heat solutions that will stand the test of time. Implement the performance capabilities of HPC® Coating in your systems today and see why so many industries are choosing to switch to HPC® Coating to reduce energy and maintenance costs for the foreseeable future.

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