underwater wrapping composite application mahita karya pgn saka 1


Problem Case Description:
Platform legs at offshore operation PT. PGN SAKA was having severe corrosion due to old conventional corrosion protection system. It uses conventional painting with three system to protect splash zone from getting corroded as it is continuously exposed to sea water and air humidity.
Immediate action needs to be taken to rehabilitate platform legs as the corrosion would affect on asset integrity or even operation process. This new solution is also expected to work as corrosion protection at platform legs in further period of time.

Proposed Solution:
PT. Mahita Karya Persada Teknik (MKPT) proposed to rehabilitate platform leg using composite system a combination of fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) and special epoxy. The system was divided into two parts, above sea water surface and below sea water surface. Just like coatings mechanism, with better adhesion, the system is designed to fully adhered into legs surface, even it applied inside the water.
Rehabilitation process is started by doing mechanical cleaning at legs surface especially on corroded area. At these corrosion spot, special treatment was taken by applying rust remover to make sure that no corrosion left on the area. As this job was taken in oil and gas processing platform, then all mechanical tools were using bronze material to prevent any spark.
After all surface cleaned, then special epoxy applied to the FRP and to the legs surface. And then, composite system is attached on the legs surface, two meters above sea water level, and two meters below sea water level by expert divers. Finishing part was taken with anti-UV application on the top of dry area composite system.
All these work processes were taken in scaffolding provided by PT. PGN SAKA.

After this application, platform legs are completely protected from getting to further corrosion as no water or humidity would be exposed to metal surface on splash zone.