Problem Case Description:

Mall Pesona Square Depok located in Jakarta Indonesia was planning to change escalator location and direction. By design, the escalator was going from south to north direction, and it changes to the west to east direction. This situation will lead to a change in load distribution throughout the area of the escalator. While all beams and columns have already designed to south-north escalator direction, so all those beams and columns load capacity won’t meet the actual loads applied nearby the escalator. With all these problems, it is mandatory to adjust beams and columns load capacity to comply with the escalator load.

Proposed Solution:

In order to adjust the beams and columns loads, PT. Mahita Karya Persada Teknik (MKPT) Composite Division proposed to do strengthening by applying composite materials. All the beams and columns are redesigned by adding composite to the concrete surface. The calculation is needed to design the flexural load capacity, hogging load capacity, and shear load capacity with respect to the maximum load that will be applied to beams and columns.

After beams and column load redesign, composite material is defined to match the capacity. In the case of Mall Pesona Square Depok, the composite material was using e-glass (SEH-51) and carbon (SCH-41) based fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) in combination with a special epoxy. Some of the areas are wrapped using two layers of SHE-51, while at the area with high load capacity, SCH-41 two layers applied.

Applying this composite system, all problems in beams and columns load capacity at Mall Pesona Square Depok can be solved safely and efficiently.


After composite application, beams and columns are already strengthened and could meet the actual load capacity. Escalator direction change can be executed with no issue.